Friday, March 25, 2011

wish i didnt have so much

spring in the south german country gets me very very excited, for the brown and the skin, and my longing to dress like a skank like i used to and find my dirty old man who sits somewhere in the back of my brain. spring, is a very confusing time of year, because although you get some days where the sun is hot that shines through the window of a cold room, you want to break free.  you want to feel warm naked in the grass. everything else that needs to be done is thrown over the head and dropped down to the floor in a great pile of chaos.
no work at the sex shop today-
the chaos has eatin me whole, ive gotten thinner. so  i will start with a coffee. so i will drink right here and think of you.
i will roll one up and lighte the fire, i hear the bees trapped amongst the corners. theyre gonna die.

i should probably pop in the shower. im starting to smell like a walt whitman prayer.
sometime i will make it out to the city. gotta buy toilett paper, and dish soap.
bring my 79. euro vibrator back to dr. müllers that i bought last year alittle after serg left.
its broken and ive thrown away the packaging and lost the receipt.

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