Tuesday, March 8, 2011

birthday package

thanks grandma for the wonderful box, open my 23rd birthday-- i am unsure of whats going on, or what to do rather, little hurrahs and maybe even a candle. working at the sex shop wondering if i should or shouldnt but just take a look at the dancing girls here and maybe my discount could pay off and next months sergiy bday whoohoo rock your socks off should be pretty good, but then theres this thought about moving out of the junkyard, and deeper into the city, diluted. i just dont know talking to myself.
list of items in the package:
1.krazy string
2.hat with fake fur.
3.soup secrets lipton extra noodle chicken broth
4. paris hilton yess yes, our impression of can can eau de parfum
5. keepsake 3D cutout stickers (brief case, flipflops w/martini and flower and one of a palm tree)
6.four pictures
7.swissmiss chocolate milk mix
8. bikini underwear
10. yess yess can can body lotion.
11. little black hat
12.pajama set including socks eye mask
13..hand pressing flashlight(yellow w/batteries)
14.arietta body lotion
15.two little pots that comes with sunflowers you can grow dont forget me nots---
16. jewlry oraganizing hanger
17. ritz crakers
18. a package of highlighters
19. a package  of big markers ( double sided)
20. bird and butterfly wildflower seed blend.
21 granola bar, sweet&salty nut peanut.
22. ouija board necklace, followed with a note and two cards
23. 23 dollors and one to grow on.

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